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Here’s the baby…

I wanted to post our ultrasound pictures up to this point: You can see the baby is sleeping on it’s tummy really well here. 13 weeks Just thought I’d share. ~Nostalgic Knucklehead

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Baby Update and Thanksgiving Week…

First of all I want to update you all on the latest developments with this pregnancy. (14 weeks and the first belly photo:) On Monday I went in for another Midwife appointment and was able to get them to allow … Continue reading

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Reorganizing and Wonderful Packing tape…

I think that one of the things that I use the very most around the house is packing tape. I have used it for all kinds of things besides packing up boxes. fixing books laminating things making things more sturdy … Continue reading

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Christmas Gifts continued…and a New Camera!

I did find a simple way to finish Molly’s blanket. I decided that I would just cut a fringe. No tying, just simple cuts: I finished the art aprons also. I got some plain, but large buttons to make the … Continue reading

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Art Aprons and Toy Catalogs…

Day two of the Christmas projects: Art Aprons for the girls I got the idea here; The Sleepytime Gal. They are very simple…here is how far as I have gotten. I need to get some buttons to go with them … Continue reading

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Snow, Christmas Gift Beginnings, Meeting my Doula…

It has been snowing the last two days… When River saw the snow she ran to the window to watch it fall and said to me, “We need to go get our Christmas tree Mommy!” Children always make the holidays … Continue reading

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I wanted to share with you our new and improved blog site. I have been wanting to be able to save them somewhere that I can burn them to disk or put them on hard drives so that they can … Continue reading

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