Halloween Haunts…

Can I just say….I am SO glad Halloween is over.

I know that’s kind of ornery of me, but my goodness! I ran around like a crazy person all day yesterday…seriously, there was no need for a costume. 😉

My day went thusly (you can skip over this if you don’t care, haha):

7:00–get up and get everyone ready for school/running around,  8:30– pick up Avi and go to the school to drop her and River off,   8:45– straight to Walmart to pick up a new low temp glue gun (+ a few other needs) so I can do the craft for River’s class party,   9:30–Go home, get Molly dressed in her costume for her class party and put on her makeup,   9:45–run Molly to school a little early so I have time to snap a few pictures of their “parade” and pay back a lady I had to borrow $4 from at the pumpkin patch and pay tuition,  10:05–run as fast as I can to the car and book it to the school again to set up before the kids get in from recess,  10:15–start the craft with the first group of kids for River’s class party,  11:00–finish/clean up from craft get River dressed in her costume and go snap pictures of her while she does the parade with her class,  11:25–drag everyone (including Thomas) out to the car and drop off Avi at her house,  11:45– head over to get Molly from preschool, 12:05–go home and make lunch then gather everything to carve the pumpkins (done around 2:30), 4:30–feed everyone and get them all ready to go to Grandma’s for pre-trick or treat fun,  5:30–go to Grandma’s, 6:30–go trick or treating around Grandma’s block,  7:30–head back home and go trick or treating on our block,  8:15–wrestle kids into bed and teeth brushed,  9:00–finally some peace and quiet.


Aaaanyway, I’m just amazed I kept it all straight! (Now for the day in pictures!)

Molly’s Preschool Party–

{My favorite costume of the day!}


River’s Class Party–

The craft I came up with: Lid Monsters

Oh, did I not tell you? They called me the NIGHT BEFORE and asked if I would do a craft that I would need to provide all the supplies for (for the class of 21 kids)! Good thing I keep this stuff on hand. Just add googly eyes and pompoms to two lids hinged together with a ribbon…oh, and a ribbon tongue to top it off. You may remember them from when I invented them for a craft day with my girls. At least they were a big hit! I even think that the teacher was impressed…which is good, because we had a rocky start this year. *sigh*

{fairy hair for River}

{waiting in the hall for the parade}


Carving Pumpkins–

{Molly explained what she wanted and I drew it for her}

{River drew her own bat!}

Brave girl pulling the “brains” out of her pumpkin for the first time ever, hehe! :

{Molly only used the spoon–princesses don’t get their hands dirty!}


Trick-or-Treating and Grandma’s House–

He ate SO much candy. He refused to put it in his bag!

I threw together my outfit literally with 10 minutes until we had to leave. I’m a cavewoman fashionista…missing my bear feet slippers and my tiger fur bag.  That dress is one of the kid’s costumes and it looks really cute on me…haha. They all looked at the camera!


Walmart clearance spoils:

I let Molly have the one on the right, the petticoat and the wings. The eyelashes are mine, and the other two costumes are put away for next year. The costume sets were only about $10. Not too shabby. :)

{The roasted/seasoned pumpkin seeds from our carving endeavors. Yumm!}

I hope you had a lovely Halloween!

~Nostalgic Knucklehead

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