IMG_2403Last weekend consisted of my pretty much exiling myself to the basement for one and a half days to work on a huge project. I went through all the stored clothes for my girls and bagged and tagged everything we don’t need anymore for sale. It was pretty amazing how much there was and how much I improved the storage by doing this. I decided to sell everything in lots, tons easier than individually and more lucrative than at my yard sale.

The first day I sold $165 in clothes and shoes. I think that it was because it was a long weekend. I am hoping that I will get a lot more bites on it starting tomorrow.


Yesterday I spent the day fixing and mending my pile of items needing it. It was pretty big. Then I made a cute pincushion for myself.

IMG_2417{Behind the shoe is the pile of fix me and mend me things. This one one of the things. I added a liner that matched, then I sewed on a new strip of velcro since one piece had fallen off. I’m kinda brilliant, free, cute shoes made great!}


The pincushion I made myself. It’s pretty awesome…IMG_2422

I put velcro on the elastic band so that it is really adjustable for any machine. Thanks Pinterest for giving me another way to solve a little problem around the home. (Always losing the pin cushion while sewing.)


It’s…snowing again…

So, another weekend indoors meant needing to find a new game for the kids. After we managed to clean the living areas and vacuum, I pulled out the masking tape. The idea is of course, another one from Pinterest. But, I got the specific activity from a book I have called “Unplugged Play”.

Indoor mini golf:


{you have to hit the numbered buckets in order before making it into the barn…or imagine that they are haystacks. 😉 }


{He just enjoyed being an obstacle the whole time}SONY DSC SONY DSC

They got all of about 30 minutes of entertainment out of it. I think it was worth it, though. Something new. :)We also baked peanut butter cookies today.

Other fun masking tape game ideas: 


Sweeping game

Car Floor Mat Alternative


~Nostalgic Knucklehead

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