Life in the Lane Between Fast and Slow…

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{Italian Parsley}


{“Best Mint”}


{Wasp hive in railroad tie in our garden}

This past weekend was gorgeous. The temps were in the 60s and I had a huge list of things I wanted to accomplish outside.

Sadly, thursday I started to get sick. Deric had friday off and was eager to work outside. But, I had to spend most of the day sleeping. My skin hurt, my throat hurt and had pus on it, I had no appetite or ability to taste. It was awful, and lasted until about wednesday of this week. But, no one else in the house seemed to get it. We did clean out the garden mostly. I found that parsley and that mint in my flower/herb garden growing on its own (pics above). We trimmed the fruit trees, blackberry bush, and the grape vines. We dug out that wasp’s nest pictured above. They actually ate that railroad tie and turned it into their hive! It was underground too. They had kept me out of my garden mostly last year and stung me once. I hope they don’t come back at all. I swept out the gutters by the road, weeded the front rose bed, and swept off the driveway. We put up the greenhouse and got rid of a lot of sticks. Better than nothing, but not nearly the to do list I had hoped to complete. Hey, it was the first time I was completely motivated to work hard in a while!


Pi Day: 3/14/13 (forward and backward!)


{Luscious Lemon cake pie from Marie Callenders}

We love to celebrate pi day because 314 is mine and Deric’s number. We see it everywhere and we love the game of telling each other when we do. We got The Pie Pizza, and Marie Callender’s pies for dessert this night. Then we watched “The Life of Pi”, which was actually a pretty good movie. I especially love the color in it. It was a really nice evening of family celebration, just because.

I think every family should have things they celebrate in the year beyond birthdays and national holidays. Pick something fun like our Groundhog Day and Pi Day traditions and start something to look forward to!




A little project I tackled out of desperation for a crafty project. Thomas helped me, it was cute. You can recover folding chairs simply by unscrewing the bottom, stapling your desired fabric, vinyl, or combination of fabric and vinyl to the bottom (folded under and stapled), and screwing it back in. I will redo this chair eventually when I get some thin clear vinyl (to make the fabric wipeable) and staples for my staple gun. I also got the girl’s rocker ready for recovering. I need to get fabric and staples, of course.


Kid’s Entertainment

IMG_2523 IMG_2522

River created a “school” for everyone. The name tags had the numbers 1-10 on them to help each person with work. They even had little clamshell container cubbies for their papers to go home. They placed their backpacks on the couch, and River got out the workbooks to teach everyone. It was really cute. She is starting to be more creative in her playtime. She sets up whole worlds, grocery stores, the pool, a zoo. I remember playing the same way as a kid. My mom had a ton of extra workbook pages copied that we would play school with, and some actual school desks. I’m glad my kids have little imaginations.IMG_2527

Thomas’ favorite Tuesday activity…watching the trash truck. Such a boy. Hehe.

I just ordered Deric’s graduation announcements today. :)

What things are keeping you busy in your world?

~Nostalgic Knucklehead

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