Happy Birthday Boys…

 Deric’s 32nd Birthday Party: 

We had a bunch of friends over, ate good food, and had a fire out back. It was very nice and Deric really enjoyed himself. I was a lot of work, but it was worth it all. I made a from-scratch carrot cake and the girls added sprinkles. I made a veggie tray and cut up a ton of fruit which was all a hit. Easier than cooking anything, for sure.SONY DSC SONY DSC


Thomas’ Birthday “Party”: 

After a late night I was pretty exhausted…but, we were having “the family” over for dinner and birthday celebration. So, I baked cupcakes (funfetti with key lime frosting). Then I decorated them as close to looking like tools as I could, considering I couldn’t find silver frosting anywhere (just silver sprinkles). Can you guess what each one is? We facetime’d with my parents in Pennsylvania and Joan and Mark came over. Then Heidi brought her little boy who is pretty close in age to Thomas. We opened gifts and then ate cupcakes. Before I lit the candle I tried to show my parents an up close view of the cupcakes. Apparently the plate is concave and it caused half of them to fall on the floor at that moment…and when I went to put them back on the counter more slid off into the sink. So, I had just enough for each of us to have one and have like two leftover. I would have been really angry if none of them made it. Gotta love pregnancy butterfingers…oi.

{Joan and Mark’s gift was a hit}

{our gifts to him were a wheelbarrow from a yard sale saturday–$1! Plus the big one was a lawn mower with bubbles! The girls promptly dumped them out outside before he could even use them. Oi.}SONY DSC

{orange cream ice creams}SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC

{gifts from Grandma Wendy and Grandpa Tom arrived today.}


Another Grandma Wendy package. :) 

The dress and quilt are mine from my childhood. It’s fun to see them again.

Definitely to the point where I’m going to just be taking it easy. Just so tired.


Pregnancy Update:

Went to an appointment today and Wesley is measuring at 37+ weeks, and 6 lbs 13 oz (I am 35 weeks along tomorrow)! He is huge in comparison to the other kids! He gained more than a pound in the last two weeks! She advised me to cut out all extra sugar until he is here just so he doesn’t end up being a 10 pounder. So that’s fun. 😉

We are switching to every week appointments because last night I had about an hour + of consecutive 8 minute apart contractions until I fell asleep (who knows if they continued). I just pray he doesn’t come next week while Deric is gone in California. I’m pretty confident he will wait until I am 37 weeks along. But, you never know. I will probably be checked next monday just to see where we are at along with the strep B test so we aren’t surprised and unable to get it in. I sure hope I don’t have it.

I got vaccinated for whooping cough and tetanus since there has been a rise recently in infants that have contracted whooping cough from their mothers which can be fatal in infants. This will allow Wesley to get a “dose” of the vaccine from me. Now I’ll have a sore arm for a while. The things we do for our babies… Seriously, though. I’m done having babies after this, and I want to keep the ones I have. I’ll do what I can to ensure that.

Feeling huge…

~Nostalgic Knucklehead

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I am the Mom of two young, rambunctious girls, a curious little boy, and a wee little man who is bursting with joy for life. I just wanted to do something for myself that allowed me to harness the magical moments of being a Mom. (A job that sometimes feels thankless, misunderstood, and considered easy by those that haven't done it.) I wanted to be more positive by looking more closely at the good things that happen every day via photos and my thoughts.
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  1. GinnMae says:

    Fun! Love the cupcakes! :-)

    • stacey says:

      Thanks :) They were kinda cute…and then kinda smooshed. But, I had to do something like the gravel cupcake thing mom did. 😉

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