Easter Weekend…

Deric got a new desk. It raises and lowers to allow sitting or standing to keep him more alert and productive at work. …But, that means he also had to play around with it while he was setting it up.IMG_5268———————–

Daddy and baby boy. Two of my loves… <3


Fire time since we can’t go camping this weekend as per usual. Using cake peeps for roasting. I’m a genius. 😉

Saturday morning before Easter we went to Barne’s park and participated in the community egg hunt. It was quite packed. But, we came away with full buckets, so I think it was worthwhile.

IMG_5271 IMG_5272 IMG_5273 IMG_5275 IMG_5278


Family for Easter weekend (saturday): Doug, my brother. Julie, my sister and her boyfriend, Justin

Dinner: parmesan tilapia, baked honey grapefruit, sweet freezer cucumber salad

SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSCA-mazing chocolate chip cookies by my sister, Julie. :)
SONY DSC SONY DSCWe spent a lot of time out back enjoying the perfect weather and playing with the kids while we talked.

IMG_5285 IMG_5284 IMG_5282————————–
SONY DSCA turtle costume found at a yard sale: $1, Bike: $3IMG_5287 IMG_5288Bike, helmet, baby seat: $6 totalIMG_5289 IMG_5291The kids loved their gifts. Easter weekend was awesome!

~Nostalgic Knucklehead

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