Painted Stick Project and House Problem Solving…

Here is the beginnings of my Painted Stick Project:

IMG_5716 IMG_5717{Tribal}IMG_5714{Neon}IMG_5722{Color block}

I also painted a citrus colored one. It was greens, yellows, and oranges.

It has been a fun project! I have about 5 more to do. Then to hang them…



Problem: Container for toothpaste and toothbrushes too small and collecting germs/water, plus too many cords everywhere.

IMG_5736Solution: pencil basket hung with command hooks and zip ties for the cords
IMG_5737 IMG_5740No more germs/mold collecting and it freed up counter space again!


Problem: boring, dinged up/scratched washer and dryer.

IMG_5744 Solution: Vintage decorative adhesive vinyl found at a yard sale!IMG_5746 IMG_5748 IMG_5749 IMG_5752 IMG_5753

Isn’t it just too freaking cute?! 

Problem: Scratched up, drawn on, unattractive desk (in my art corner)

IMG_5754SONY DSCNo comparison, right?


Summer Fun!

IMG_5706“How to Train Your Dragon 2” with the whole fam! (minus Wesley)IMG_5704Moments where my heart melts from the sweetness of my children’s daddy.

IMG_2217Fun outside.

IMG_5709Finding Thomas after 20 minutes of looking for him….passed out under River’s bed.IMG_5713Peas ready to pick in the garden.IMG_5718Molly, as stylish as ever!IMG_5719A nice walk with the family…and a strong daddy!IMG_5726Wesley’s new favorite thing: empty the recycling bin

IMG_5741Playdoh time

~Nostalgic Knucklehead

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I am the Mom of two young, rambunctious girls, a curious little boy, and a wee little man who is bursting with joy for life. I just wanted to do something for myself that allowed me to harness the magical moments of being a Mom. (A job that sometimes feels thankless, misunderstood, and considered easy by those that haven't done it.) I wanted to be more positive by looking more closely at the good things that happen every day via photos and my thoughts.
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