Canning Season: Chili Sauce, Pickles, and Food Storing…

Food storing is a fabulous thing. I love having plenty on hand to create nutritious and satisfying meals for my family when I can’t get to the store. I love this time of year because there are case lot sales here in Utah. Something I will certainly miss when I move. You can buy a case of many types of canned and boxed goods. This year I got organic black beans and natural breakfast cereals for my children. I am happy to see them transitioning to the more nutrient rich foods in case lots. {picture taken before I did all my canning}IMG_6575—————

I accomplished something this year that I never have before: I used every jar I had to can foods that were mostly given to me and growing in my garden. I actually have purchased five additional cases of jars to be sure to preserve all the foods that I have available to me. I’ve been very happy to have the opportunity to do it!


My favorite canning project was…

Chili Sauce:

The aroma while this is cooking is SO scrumptious! Molly even noticed when she got home from school. (I cooked it outside in my canning station.) It is extremely tasty with cream cheese on crackers, and in gazpacho (as we discovered with a friend)! I’ve been wanting to make it since my neighbor gave me a jar a couple years back. Lucky for me, I had plenty of tomatoes in my garden to use.

IMG_6650IMG_6648IMG_6656I got 10- 1/2 quarts, and one small jelly jar by doubling the recipe.


I also did another batch of bread and butter pickles using cucumbers from my garden:IMG_6645—————

** Finishing up Peaches: **

–Freezing–IMG_6643{No peeling–& flash freeze them before vacuum sealing}IMG_6644Crisp (w/fresh whipped cream)–IMG_6651 IMG_6653Peaches and Cream “Fruit Snacks”IMG_6657 IMG_6658Peaches and Cream muffins

–AND simply, Fresh Peaches with sugar–


Our garden continues to produce a lovely array of colorful produce!

IMG_6642{heirloom, yellow, and early girl tomatoes}IMG_6652{Caprece salad using heirloom and yellow tomatoes}SONY DSC{Our first ever cantaloup–YUMMO!}IMG_6598{RtoL: purple sweet bell peppers, heirloom tomatoes, cucumbers, fooled you jalepenos, early girl tomatoes, and cantaloup}

Only one last canning project: Caramel Apple Jam.  Stay tuned! (Also, apple chips.)

~Nostalgic Knucklehead

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