Been too long…

Yah….I know it’s been a while since I posted. But, I’ve been busy, busy, busy! 

I have such beautiful people in my life…SONY DSC

SONY DSC SONY DSCIMG_2712IMG_8136IMG_7817IMG_7905IMG_8024IMG_8092

This winter has been a strange one…


Sixty degree weather since January!IMG_7900{february}IMG_7911 IMG_7913 IMG_7922

{We even cleaned out under the carport one weekend in february.}IMG_7775

We’ve spent many days playing outside.


For Groundhog day we hosted a movie night and watched it with our friends. I made treats that went along with lines in the movie! (Yes, those are mini “flapjacks” with fruit on skewers, mini sticky buns, and fudge chocolate sandwich cookies.)


River and Molly had an art night at the school. Their artwork was on display.

IMG_8111 IMG_8114River’s animal report was also on display in the library. She loved researching on the computer and in books, and making her display about jellyfish. That bottle holds a jellyfish we made to show how they move through water weightlessly. (it’s a plastic produce bag!)IMG_8116They did a few activities in the library including learning cake decorating.
IMG_8118This was the school’s big art display for the year. Each child decorated a plastic plate/cup and then they melted it and put it on this old candy machine that lit them up.


My brother and sister and brother-in-law came and visited for a thursday and friday before Valentines Day. We had a lovely family dinner and some nice bonding time.

IMG_7989 IMG_7990 IMG_7994Greatest selfie ever. :)


Then before Doug moved out to Pennsylvania again he and I went on a fun “date” to Sushi Burrito downtown and a fun adventure trying to find somewhere to dance. We ended up at a bar that had a live band. The drummer was from Air Supply! It was a great night. He then came up the next week to spend one last evening with the kiddos before he left.

IMG_8055 IMG_8103 IMG_8105 IMG_8109SONY DSCSONY DSC{And we danced together in the living room, one last time.}


Valentine’s Day looked like this:

IMG_7993{another doctor’s appointment}IMG_7995{Chocolates from a secret admirer!}SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC{treats and fun from mommy and daddy}IMG_7996 IMG_7998 IMG_8001An excellent date night at Boondocks bowling and go kart racing!IMG_8002And a magical sunset. :)


I got my carpets cleaned in the main areas of the house! (this was a christmas present from Deric) It looks amazing! It feels so clean and new!

IMG_8155{before}IMG_8156 IMG_8157{after}IMG_8158——————-

Another amazing package of handmade fun from my mom:



We went to an art show with the family in salt lake. It was a blast for the kids. :)

IMG_8189 IMG_8191


Today we tilled and prepared the garden for planting!

We continue to have lovely days in which to work and play.

I hope you are all doing well in your neck of the woods!

~Nostalgic Knucklehead


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I am the Mom of two young, rambunctious girls, a curious little boy, and a wee little man who is bursting with joy for life. I just wanted to do something for myself that allowed me to harness the magical moments of being a Mom. (A job that sometimes feels thankless, misunderstood, and considered easy by those that haven't done it.) I wanted to be more positive by looking more closely at the good things that happen every day via photos and my thoughts.
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