Easter and my Annual Neighborhood Yard Sale…


The pumpkins from halloween that we tilled into the garden had babies! 

We are keeping about a 3 foot diameter circle of the plants. Whichever survives best gets to stay in a month or so. So far so good!IMG_8539



Easter was a lovely day. In the morning the kids went on a scavenger hunt for their baskets of activities and toys. For dinner we grilled bruchetta chicken and had lovely sides. We had two lovely friends share the day with us. We had an egg hunt for the candy. We also went on a walk and played badminton with the kids. It was relaxing and happy.

IMG_8548Tip: When making deviled eggs use a sandwich bag to “pipe” the filling into the eggs. **Easiest way to fill the bag is to put it in a cup and spoon it in.IMG_8551 Deric bought me this lovely Easter bouquet. :) IMG_8553 We went on a walk and I got to bring home lots of fun vintage stickers. (WAY more than pictured too!)IMG_8554 Thomas used his Easter candy to match with my nail polish since I was painting my toe nails (I do it once a month). He came up with the idea and did it all on his own before I realized what he was doing. He’s such a puzzler smarty pants!IMG_8557————————

Annual “Neighborhood” Yard Sale: 

Every year for the past 7 years I have put together a sale where my neighbors and friends can bring what they would like to sell and put it on my lawn. I babysit everything and use a notebook to write everything they sell down. I then give them all the money they earned at the end of the sale.

Now, I’m sure you are wondering “Why would you do that? It seems like a lot of work!”  …Well, it is something I am extremely passionate about!

I believe in giving things the opportunity to have life again. I think donating is great, but, really a lot gets thrown out just because they have too much of something in the store.

Also, the prices are not as accessible to the people that may truly need the item. It’s a way for me to help the poor. I think they should be able to negotiate a price for used wares. I think it’s a service to the community to allow them the chance to live better given their means.  I know I have basically furnished my house and clothed my children by yard sales alone. I mean, how silly is it to buy new when your kids are going to destroy things and grow out of them quickly?

I also love helping my friends and neighbors earn a little money for the things they part with. My best friend and I are usually the ones that run the sale. We earn enough money each year to have a fund for yard sales through the summer!

Plus, we are decluttering our lives! This particular year my friend and I said hello to a new era…no more babies which meant no more storing baby things. :)
IMG_8560 IMG_8562 IMG_8564

This particular weekend was our BEST EVER! We sold over $520 worth of stuff! My take was just under $300!

Love it when everything comes together so nicely. :)

~Nostalgic Knucklehead

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