Other Things We’ve Done in the Summer…

We have been up to quite a bit, despite feeling like I’ve been unable to accomplish much of anything. 

Fourth of July– we went and parked on the side of the layton Parkway and watched the fireworks all around us. There had been a storm rolling in so I had put the kids to bed thinking fireworks wouldn’t be happening. Then the sky cleared enough for us to go so I woke the kids and took them myself while Deric stayed back with Wesley who was already asleep. They complained the whole time and Molly made quite the scene forcing me from my seat repeatedly and in the end making me lock her in the van. She set off the car alarm while screaming bloody murder. It was embarrassing and frankly, felt like a waste of effort. If my kids aren’t even going to enjoy the fun things I attempt to do with/for them…why do I bother at all with anything?

The one saving moment was sitting next to Thomas who was just sweet the whole time. He enjoyed every moment with a big grin on his face and looked toward me to see if I liked each of the fireworks like he did. I’m grateful for that moment with him. 

IMG_9627 IMG_9624


Per River’s request: we created a volcano



We made these blocks from a kiwi crate and Thomas spent the whole day enjoying playing with them. He is certainly the kid that loves to figure things out.

IMG_9550 IMG_9548


River wanted to make a cake from scratch one day. So we did.


She even decorated it (after daddy ate a piece).


Such a cute girl


Our traditional Toys R Us birthday trip –they are part of the birthday club which gives them a free paper crown, helium balloon, and $3 gift certificate. This is what Thomas found for $3.


Molly created a river and a dam in the living room out of blankets and pillows.

A warm rainy day meant playing in puddles and making food coloring “rain paintings”.

IMG_9457 IMG_9452

Here’s a simple and fun play idea: I mowed the lawn leaving four small round “grass islands” for my kids. They have been enjoying playing on them.IMG_9748 IMG_9750

Even Mya loves them. :)

There have been more things but the photos from my phone’s camera refuse to remain the right way and I can’t rotate them in this program…so…yah. Sorry.

~Nostalgic Knucklehead


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