What Stacey Has Been Up To…

I’ve been using new recipes. 


Spaghetti with Spinach, Garlic, and LemonThis is tasty, but it can’t really be re-heated so I ended up giving away half of it to a very pregnant neighbor. It was tart but fresh and satisfying as a summer dish.


Sweet Pear and Rosemary Honey Havarti Grilled Cheese–This was super sweet, I would put maybe a teaspoon of the honey mixture on each sandwich.


 Raisin Waffle Toast—River requested that she be allowed to make this on her own. The kids weren’t the biggest fans but it was fairly tasty. I think with less syrup (she put it on) it would have been better.

Have a surplus of zucchini?? Make this Zucchini Bake! —I highly suggest adding a can of corn in a layer on top of the cracker “crust”. Seriously yummy! Even re-heated. I ate it up for breakfast the next day.


Deric and I went riding up Farmington canyon on the RZR. It was a great day!
IMG_0030 IMG_0044—————————

Bathroom Renovation: Demolition on our bathroom was completed and we moved on to repairing the drywall and   got all the plumbing taken care of. We should be ready to put up the tub surround this week. Then next will likely be painting time.



First crops from the garden: baby carrots, beets, and a tomato


Stacey’s 30th Birthday Party : Favorite Things Themed


gummy bears and york peppermint patties


bought this cute little owl because it was perfect! Lots of bright colors (orange)!


My favorite table cloth, watermelon, and chalk signs indicating favorite foods and such. 


This is the watermelon cake I made. YUMMY!


IMG_9945 IMG_9952


I got these gorgeous flowers for my birthday too.


So, that’s what I’ve been up to. 

~Nostalgic Knucklehead

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I am the Mom of two young, rambunctious girls, a curious little boy, and a wee little man who is bursting with joy for life. I just wanted to do something for myself that allowed me to harness the magical moments of being a Mom. (A job that sometimes feels thankless, misunderstood, and considered easy by those that haven't done it.) I wanted to be more positive by looking more closely at the good things that happen every day via photos and my thoughts.
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