Fall Brings: Harvest (and new recipes)…

We returned from our adventure in southern Utah with my family and all the peaches had fallen off the tree. I did some emergency peach leather making….and I burned it. How in the heck?! I’ve never done that before. Oh well…at least we had a double batch of peach crisp for the entire family while on our trip.IMG_0344


I had a medium sized picking of tomatoes that I turned into homemade tomato sauce. I used the crock pot so it was fairly easy. I would add some tomato paste to this recipe since it is a bit thin…that is if you want it for something like pasta or something. I put it through the blender when it was finished also.IMG_0393


We grew pumpkins for the first time this year. Actually, they grew themselves and I am quite happy they did. The harvest from our garden this year has been quite spotty and sad. So, having these lovely orange beauties was wonderful.

The “pumpkin washing station” was the kid’s favorite part.


Awesome New Recipes We Tried:

Pumpkin Bread was on the menu using pumpkin from last year’s jack o’ lanterns. I added chocolate chips and there was this amazing brown butter maple glaze on top.


Pizza in a crock pot! This was SO easy, and rather tasty. It’s great for evenings I go out.

I created this recipe for Party Cake Rice Krispy Treats:

I gathered the ends of the Rice Krispies and the Special K original cereal bags, plain marshmallows, and colored (flavored) marshmallows, and ice cream sprinkles.

Directions: Prepare as directed for original rice krispy treat recipe (with the combination of the two types of cereal). When you take it off the heat add the colored marshmallows and mix lightly. Then press into pan and sprinkle top with ice cream sprinkles. Voila!

Spaghetti Squash Chicken Alfredo

Seriously, THE MOST AMAZING ALFREDO EVER. I will probably never make regular chicken alfredo with pasta ever again. I hate how much butter ends up in most recipes. It makes you sick to eat it. I added broccoli to this recipe and it was superb. I ate this re-heated the next day for lunch and it was still scrumptious. Seriously, you should try this!IMG_0656

Pumpkin French Toast Bake

I loved this recipe. No need to put it in the fridge overnight. I also sprinkled it with a little bit of flax seed before I put on the brown sugar for added nutritional value.


I have a couple friends that give me free reign of their grape vines. I picked a TON last year. I wasn’t willing to put in the amount of work I did. (45 jars of jelly, frozen grapes, fruit leather, and rains) But, I grabbed up a bunch and and ate them fresh…plus, made more raisins. They are SO awesome.

IMG_0654 IMG_0649 IMG_0703

Our apple tree FINALLY produced apples for the first time since we planted the thing five years ago. It’s a fuji and the apples weren’t perfect. In fact they were pretty crappy, but I still made apple pie filling with them.

(pictured is one of three perfect apples)IMG_0699 IMG_0756

IMG_0767 IMG_0770

{14 quarts -or- 14 pies worth}

The side garden that we put in this year pretty much died since the sprinkler system just didn’t work all summer. We still can’t seem to get it fixed after all this time. Next year I think we will abandon it entirely and have the whole front yard/sprinkler system redone. (It’s dead except for weeds.)

SO…. when I went over there and found that there were raspberries, a mini pumpkin, and a cucumber I was ecstatic!

IMG_0736 IMG_0754

One day I decided to make breakfast fun so I made pancakes and added a couple different drops of food coloring on top. Then I took a toothpick and spread out the colors into “spider webs” (or tie dye) before I flipped them. The kids loved them.


…and I will end on a “deal brag”…Smith’s opened their store just down the street from us finally. We have been rather excited about this. We went there on the grand opening day and came home with all of this for FREE! I was one happy mamma.

~Nostalgic Knucklehead

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