Fall Brings: Changes and Fun…

Our amazing bathroom transformation:

When we bought the house–IMG_0642What we’ve done–IMG_0638We started this journey of creating a new bathroom (minus tub and toilet) back in the end of May. We are now in October, so it has taken us 5 months to complete. But, it is gorgeous! I especially adore my shower curtain. On Amazon.com there are tons of awesome curtains that are just basically huge paintings. Everything else in the bathroom is just the essentials of a bathroom…so, the art follows suit as the curtain and is tied in with matching towels and rug. I’m very happy.

Today we also replaced the pocket door into the master bedroom so we can walk into the bathroom from our room for the first time in about 8 years.


The kids are being kids. Here are some cute pictures:

IMG_0401 IMG_0414 IMG_0426 IMG_0472 IMG_0481 IMG_0486 IMG_0558 IMG_0553{Pumpkin spice homemade play dough}


We had a Supermoon Lunar Eclipse party with friends and I bought all sorts of goodies. I added the icing to these cookies to celebrate the awesome moon. IMG_0538 IMG_0534 IMG_0537 IMG_0536 IMG_0535The sight was absolutely amazing. We watched in awe as the red moon appeared and the shadow overtook it. It was the coolest eclipse I have ever seen. What’s even cooler is that it has never happened before in my lifetime and won’t happen again until 2033. I hope my kids remember.


I took the kids to a Chinese Cultural night at a nearby high school the beginning of October. River has been wanting to learn more about China. It was quite fun, actually. They had yummy food and a program of dances, kung fu (pictured), instruments, IMG_0586 IMG_0593 IMG_0599 IMG_0603 IMG_0605 IMG_0611

{River is in the blue shirt in the front learning Kung Fu–She got a gift for going up on stage too.}


I just love this picture of my boys. IMG_0686—-

Molly, Thomas, and Wesley got new beds (pictured: Molly’s and then Thomas’). Wesley is no longer in a crib, Thomas is no longer in a toddler bed, and Molly traded her twin bed for a new one. They were all quite happy with it.
IMG_0693 IMG_0694—-

One day I gave Wesley a bath (it’s so wonderful to have a bathtub again for these rugrats!). I got him all dressed and then gave Thomas a bath. Thomas yells, “Mom…Wesley got in the bath with me…and he has his clothes on.” It was too funny not to take a picture of.IMG_0697 —-

We went to J&J’s free hayride and pumpkin picking event. We did a LOT of waiting around. The kids did really well, however. I was quite impressed. The worst part was the fact I dropped my brand new phone and cracked the screen getting the kids in the car. I don’t know that I’ll be going back next year. It was just too much stress and waiting.
IMG_0710 IMG_0717 IMG_0719 IMG_0721 IMG_0723 IMG_0731 —-

We find many imaginative ways to play around here:IMG_0743 IMG_0746 —-

Poor sick Wesley got “hand, foot, and mouth disease” (a virus) plus a cold on top of that. He was one feverish and miserable baby boy. The rest of the kids had fevers from the cold as well. It was not a fun week for them. But, at least they are all better for school tomorrow.IMG_0758 We are making our own Halloween costumes this year. The kids each designed and picked their own. I figured out how to do it, and went to Goodwill to buy clothing/supplies. River is going to be a zombie! Just need to finish the rest. I’ll post when they wear them to the Halloween Carnival this friday.

~Nostalgic Knucklehead

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